Visited here while on holiday in North Devon, on a groupon deal. We were greeted in the shop by a friendly young chap who explained the different walks, we chose the 2 mile Aplaca Trail, after all we had come to see them!
The walk is a lovely trail through beautiful Devon countryside, past fields which the alpacas are grazing in. We were lucky and in a couple of the fields they were right up by the fence. They are very inquisitive and if you stand quietly a couple may wander closer.
The highlight of the visit is the tearoom though. The owner (and daughter?) who served us made us very welcome. We ordered the cream tea and the scones are cooked to order, from oven to table just a few minutes, enjoyed while looking out over the beautiful gardens and landscape. My mum had a go at knitting with alpaca wool and the children enjoyed playing with the train table while we ate. All in all very well thought out and excellent customer service alpaca parks.
Also met Poppy the farm dog, she loves having her tummy tickled 🙂

ProSolution Plus review and results

prosolution-header-imageWhat is Prosolution Plus?

Prosolution Plus is a sex enhancement supplement that works well for any person who might be troubled with erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and poor erection quality. These problems can greatly affect how a person enjoys his sexual encounter and the magic behind this pill is that it is carefully formulated so that the results can be achieved within the shortest time possible. All the required ingredients have also been extracted using the best scientific approach available and the outcome is one product which has been highly optimized to deliver just the intended results.

prosolution-pills-logoDo Prosolution Plus pills work?

Prosolution™ is a highly respected brand which has dominated the market for over a decade. The fact that many people have stick to using Prosolution Plus results supplement is an indication that it enables any person to enjoy an improved level of sexual performance. This has been made possible as the company only makes use of natural substances which have been proven to be really effective in treating any sexual disorder among men. The many positive reviews on the company are another indication is that Prosolution Plus supplements really do work. The meaning is that many people who previously have been battling problems concerning erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have found one favorable solution in this supplement.

Prosolution Plus Reviews

prosolution pillsIntroduction

Prosolution Plus was a product offered up some time ago with a slew of others that fell into what I perceive as a mildly sketchy, infomercial, spammy email offering-type of product. There are so many similar products out there with outrageous claims and I’m inclined to believe they’re just somebody’s marketing ploy to try and make a few bucks. Prosolution Plus doesn’t deviate far from these other products from a marketing perspective but it may have produced some results.


Prosolution Plus gains is in pill form and comes in a box with blister-packed sheets. The directions are simple: 2 pills per day and an optional 2 more prior to sexual activity. I took the 2 per day and on a couple occasions took 2 more a few hours prior to sexual activity. It is important to note that I did not use and finish this product over one consecutive period of time. I was travelling extensively away from home and only used this while I was home. There was often weeks between usage.

prosolution plus pills