Alpacas are extremely fascinating creatures, not only do they have the Aaaaw factor they make you feel you want to bury your hands into their fleeces or hug them to within an inch of their lives! Sadly, for us, they really, really would not like this but it is possible to connect with them on a different level and share an afternoon amble. This is something they do enjoy as they are inquisitive animals that like a good look around.

We have created a lovely walk through a new woodland down to a lake with photo opportunities along the way. This quiet stroll allows you to get as close as you can to an alpaca and appreciate how special the relationship between a human and an alpaca can be.

Everybody that visits The Park always enjoys finding out more facts about alpacas so we have teamed this experience up with one of our sumptuous cream teas and a brief talk during which any questions can be asked. All in all we reckon this to be a minimum 2 hour experience for you to enjoy.

As numbers are limited, Advance bookings only to be made & confirmed by us. To begin with we are holding these Ambling experiences on a Tuesday & Thursday starting at 3.30pm. WEATHER CONDITIONS APPLY

This is for individuals over 16 years of age although youngsters may accompany members of their own party and a separate charge for entering the park or any refreshments will be made.

For the 2 hour ambling experience which includes entrance to the park, your guided walk, cream tea & talk.............£35
For a couple in the same family, as above.........£65

Last year we rehomed 27 alpacas at The Park. Each of them needed to have somewhere to be loved and to live.

We are not a charity but to help with the extra cost this produces and to bring an answer to the growing number of people who would dearly love to own an alpaca but for many various reasons are not able to, we have launched our Adoption scheme.

There are three levels of Adoption to accommodate the requests received.

Option 1  Costing £35, you will receive a named certificate, pictures of the chosen alpaca and a pocket of fleece from that particular alpaca.  An invitation to visit the park free of charge is included for the adoptee.

Option 2  Costing £45, you will receive as above plus a cuddly soft alpaca toy.

Option 3  Costing £55, you will receive as above but will be donating towards the cost of care.
The Alpaca Park continues to offer free to those who need it, practical on site or telephone advice and help for alpacas in crisis. 

On behalf of all those who received help in either way, Thank You!

Owning an Alpaca
The Alpaca Park, Beaworthy, Devon, EX21 5DL | Tel: 01409 220216 | Email: info@thealpacapark.com

For many, the ultimate choice....in answer to the question , 'Do you ever sell your alpacas?' The answer is simple, if you can prove you will be able and committed to Alpaca Ownership, Yes!

We run handling & practical workshops for dedicated pre owners and are happy to discuss your ownership needs with honesty and experience.

Please contact us to arrange a visit or to discuss your thoughts.